CEO's greeting

고객의 가치창조를 위한 경영

Main business area of ZENIX is logistics/unmanned factory automation(FA), and we provide the total solution of the overhead transportation through AGV, rack, automatic warehouse, lifter and conveyor. In terms of the project, we strive for realizing the highest customer satisfaction with our own technology and manpower for the logistics simulation, design, manufacturing, installation and service. Since our establishment in 2010, we have been aiming at the world-class automation technology company under the principle of "Management for creating customers' value."

Based on the best quality, training of technical personnel and continuously accumulated technological prowess, all of our executives and staff members promise the followings in unison: Firstly, we will do our best endeavor for proceeding with the future pursued by the customers. Secondly, we will practice the customer-oriented management for contributing to profit and growth of the customers.