LCD/OLED Logistics

We supplyLCD/OLED production line glass cassette, and rack master, OHS/OHCV, stocker and AGV
which are the automation equipment for mask logistics.
We have developed on our own and are using the
software flexibly controlling the volume management of the whole system, and are accumulating the reliability
of the products through simulation of the transferred objects volume, simulation of air flow in the stocker,
and dynamicx stress analysis of the rack master robot.

It transfers the glass cassette with the equipment in process and other rack master
in connection with the rack master, and applies the fixed driving rail method.
Loading/Unloading ROBOT & Stage Align
Degree of alignment precision 1mm
Load weight 1,500kg ( User Order )
Speed 3m/s ( User Order )
Transported material LCD/OLED Cassette
POWER Contactless Power Supply
Clean Class Class10@0.1㎛
Main use LCD/OLED production line