We aresupplying stocker, OHS/OHT, rail system and AGV which are the automation equipment for 200mm
Cassette and 300mm Foup.
We have developed on our own and are using the software flexibly controlling
the volume management of the whole system, and are accumulating the reliability of the products through simulation
of the transferred objects volume, simulation of air flow in the stocker.

It transfers Foup to the equipment in process and other stocker
in connection with the stocker, and applies the fixed driving rail method.
Transported material 300mm Wafer Foup
Degree of alignment precision 1mm
Load weight 10kg
Straight Speed 3m/s ( User Order )
Curve Speed 1m/s ( User Order )
Hoist Speed 11sec
Power Contactless Power Supply
Main use 300mm semiconductor production line
( Class 100 )