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Technical Sales
Managerial Department
Institute of Technology
Manufacturing and Technology Team
Quality Control Team
Instrument Design Team
Electric Apparatus/PLC Team
Software Team
Department in charge and contact number

- Main number : 041-582-7600 / 070-4035-5140

- FAX                 : 041-582-7601

Department in charge and contact number
Department Biz in charge Extension number
Technical Sales Department Sales 070-4035-5140
Managerial Department Accounting
personnel affairs
Institute of Technology
(Instrument Design Team)
Instrument design 070-4659-6304
Institute of Technology
(Electronic Apparatus /PLC Team)
Electronic apparatus design 070-4367-6742
Institute of Technology
(Software Team)
Software development 070-4035-5141
Manufacturing Technology Team Manufacturing management 070-4035-5140
Quality Control Team Quality control 070-4035-5140