We are realizing the unmanned production automation of the vial manufacturing process for the pharmaceutical
company according to the GMP standard for the first time in Korea.
We have developed and are supplying the
automation logistics facilities, such as AGV, vial aligner, vial ejector, auto loader and conveyor system to pharmaceutical
companies, and we also are continuously striving for development of the innovative local automation logistics system.

Vial AGV
It is the unmanned transportation vehicle for transporting the vials between the freezing dryer and pharmaceutical equipment
Vial AGV
Loading/Unloading Multi-stage sliding robot
Loading quantity per time 2,000~3,000 ( User Order )
Degree of alignment precision 1mm
Load weight 60kg ( User Order )
Speed 1.3m/s ( User Order )
Transported material Transportation of pharmaceutical vials
Main user Vial manufacturing factories
pharmaceutical companies